Enhance Your Coding Experience with Amazon CodeWhisperer

Transform the way you code with Amazon CodeWhisperer. An AI tool offering secure, efficient coding solutions across languages and IDEs.

Enhance Your Coding Experience with Amazon CodeWhisperer

With the new rising tools and technologies, AI has helped developers to be productive in generating efficient code leveraging a pool of source codes in multiple languages. Yes, we are talking about Amazon’s latest release- CodeWhisperer, which leverages AI to turn your ideas into simple code quickly.

Whether you are a novice or a professional, CodeWhisperer is a must-have tool for developers. Let’s dive into more detail about CodeWhisperer, its benefits, and how it helps developers.

What is Amazon CodeWhisperer?

CodeWhisperer is a generative AI-powered code generator tool that you can integrate within your choice of IDE (integrated development environment). You can create real-time, single-line, or full-function code suggestions to build complex software.

CodeWhisperer generates the code based on large language models (LLMs) trained on billions of lines of code, including Amazon and other popular open-source code.

It lets the developer write a comment or line of code in natural language in English, such as, “Upload a file with server-side encryption.” CodeWhisperer suggests code based on the input data directly in the IDE. You can accept the top suggestion. Not only this, you can also change the code if you need minor tweaks.

How does it Work?

Amazon CodeWhisperer, driven by Machine Learning (ML), enhances developer productivity by providing code recommendations derived from their natural language comments and existing code within the integrated development environment (IDE).

Source: AWS

To know more, about how it works around different technologies, you must read the Amazon CodeWhisperer user guide.

Features of Amazon CodeWhisperer

Let's delve into the innovative features of Amazon CodeWhisperer that are making a significant impact in the world of software development:

Unique Code

CodeWhisperer can identify and highlight code suggestions that resemble any available code. Obtain the relevant open-source project's repository URL and license details, facilitating a more convenient review process and enabling you to incorporate proper attribution as needed.

Generate secured code

You can use this tool to conduct a comprehensive scanning of your code to identify potential security loopholes. It will also suggest code to address the identified issues. Developers can tailor these Gen-AI-powered suggestions to align seamlessly with your application code, enabling you to embrace fixes confidently and redirect your focus toward more impactful tasks.

Integrate with your favorite tool

CodeWhisperer seamlessly adapts to your workflow. You can choose from 15 programming languages like Python, Java, and JavaScript. It integrates seamlessly with your preferred integrated development environments (IDEs) like Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio (preview), AWS Cloud9, the AWS Lambda console, JupyterLab, and Amazon SageMaker Studio. Additionally, it effortlessly supports your favorite command-line interfaces (CLIs), including macOS Terminal, iTerm2, and the built-in VS Code terminal.

Source: AWS

Code customization

You can tailor CodeWhisperer's recommendations to your specific needs to increase their relevance. To accelerate your development process substantially, you can make CodeWhisperer aware of your internal libraries, Application packages, packages, classes, and methods.

Amazon Q (Preview)

Elevate your development experience with the invaluable support of Amazon Q – a sophisticated AI assistant accessible from the IDE via CodeWhisperer. Amazon Q engages with you through a friendly, conversational interface to provide expert guidance seamlessly. Developers can leverage Amazon Q in the IDE for various purposes like code clarification, code transformation, and tailored recommendations.

These features have improved developer’s productivity and helped them generate efficient code for better results. Let’s see how.

How does CodeWhisperer Boost Developer Productivity?

As per an AWS survey, CodeWhisperer is 27% efficient in completing tasks successfully, resulting in 57% faster results. Let’s see what benefits you can derive from CodeWhisperer.

Boosted Efficiency

AWS CodeWhisperer is a game-changer for speeding up your coding process while minimizing errors. It generates code suggestions based on your natural language comments, saving you time and effort while ensuring your code is consistently error-free. For example, you can use CodeWhisperer to get code suggestions for routine tasks like testing prime numbers.

Streamlined Collaboration

With collaborative code review tools, CodeWhisperer simplifies the process of reviewing code with your team. These tools allow for code commenting, change tracking, and conflict resolution, enhancing code quality and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Insights for Code Improvement

CodeWhisperer goes beyond just writing code by helping you identify potential errors before they become issues. Its automated code analysis tools scan your code for potential errors, reducing debugging time and improving overall code quality.

Fortified Code Security

Developers can strengthen code's security with CodeWhisperer's vulnerability detection and remediation suggestions. Adhering to best practices from organizations like the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), CodeWhisperer assists you in building secure applications.

Tailored to fit your work style, CodeWhisperer effortlessly integrates into various popular IDEs, supporting various programming languages. This adaptability ensures you can harness the full capabilities of CodeWhisperer within your preferred development environment.

AWS CodeWhisperer stands out as a robust code analysis tool, offering a comprehensive set of features and integrations to enhance the quality and security of your code. It's an excellent choice for developers seeking a powerful tool to elevate their coding experience.


AWS CodeWhisperer is a revolutionary code generator tool driven by Machine Learning that should be in every developer’s kit. It has changed the game of developing efficient software with less effort, enabling developers to focus on the most essential thing- productivity. From creating code faster to eliminating security vulnerabilities, Amazon CodeWhisperer transforms how developers code in real time.

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