Case study: How PayU's engineering managers enhanced weekly meetings with DevDynamics

Case study: How PayU's engineering managers enhanced weekly meetings with DevDynamics

As a leading player in the FinTech sector, PayU faced challenges in
managing its expanding product lines. The key hurdle was enhancing
team coordination and ensuring timely delivery of projects. Alias, the
The Head of Engineering at PayU, sought a solution that would provide
clear insights into project management and team performance.

"I currently manage about 6 to 7 products... it is very
difficult for me to be part of every single thing...
DevDynamics forms as a great way to get insights into
who are my best guys, what is happening, what are the
things that are not going well?" - Alias, Head of Engineering at PayU

DevDynamics implementation

Alias introduced DevDynamics to gain a deeper understanding of team dynamics and track project progress. The primary objective was to enhance decision-making and optimize resource utilization across teams.

Key benefits

  • Enhanced performance tracking: DevDynamics delivered in-depth reports on team performances, tracking metrics such as coding speed, PR cycle times, and problem resolution rates.
  • Data-driven strategy meetings: To guide their strategy meetings. Discussions centered around data insights, leading to informed planning and execution.
Every alternate week, I have... meetings... the half an hour
is basically we review DevDynamics and continue together
as a group... what are the things that need to be done?

Improving teams and processes

  • Actionable insights from data: Engineering managers leveraged the data to identify areas for improvement, fostering a culture of continuous development.
  • Pinpointing development issues: The analytics pinpointed specific areas in the development process needing attention, leading to more strategic project management.


  • Aligned project management: Alias observed a significant improvement in managing diverse projects. DevDynamics provided clarity on critical areas requiring focus.
  • Culture shift: The shift to data-driven meetings cultivated a culture where data guides operational decisions, enhancing overall team efficacy.

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