Top ChatGPT plugins for developers

Want to maximize your development potential? Check out these top ChatGPT plugins that are changing the game.

Top ChatGPT plugins for developers

As a developer, you're always on the lookout for tools that can make your life easier and your code sharper. That's why, the introduction of ChatGPT plugins has been a game-changer in coding and development. From crafting intricate test cases with ease to fine-tuning your debugging skills, these plugins are the superheroes you didn't know you needed.

In this blog, we’ll explore the top ChatGPT plugins for developers and understand how these generative AI tools help software developers. Let's begin!

Five ways ChatGPT plugins can help developers

The benefits of ChatGPT for developers extend well beyond traditional coding. ChatGPT plugins for developers offer solutions that resonate across various aspects of software development — from automating mundane tasks and finding libraries and resources to providing sophisticated coding recommendations and enhancing collaborative efforts. Let’s look at some of the biggest benefits of ChatGPT for software developers.

Automated testing support

ChatGPT plugins are helping developers create and maintain test scripts to automate the testing process. These plugins can generate a variety of test cases, including edge cases that might not be immediately obvious. Generative AI technology ensures more comprehensive coverage and reduces the likelihood of bugs slipping through. Through natural language processing and text generation, ChatGPT assists in understanding and interpreting test results, identifying security vulnerabilities, and guiding developers towards potential problem areas in their code.

Efficient debugging

When it comes to debugging, ChatGPT can be a developer's greatest ally. ChatGPT plugins for developers can analyze error messages and suggest possible causes, reducing the time spent on tracing bugs. Moreover, these plugins offer insights into common pitfalls in specific programming languages or frameworks, helping developers avoid recurring issues, improve their debugging strategies over time, and write better code.

Improved documentation

Good documentation is crucial for the success of any development project, and ChatGPT can assist developers in generating clear and concise documentation. Several ChatGPT plugins include inline comments and API documentation, even adjusting the language to match the skill and experience of the person reading it. Documentation support not only saves time but also ensures that the documentation is up-to-date and easy to understand, enhancing collaboration and making it easier to maintain code. This way, developers get to spend more time on the actual coding than documenting what the code does.

Code generation and refactoring

ChatGPT is invaluable in generating boilerplate code, scaffolding for new projects, and even suggesting refactoring of existing code for optimization. It leverages text generation and natural language processing to generate code snippets in various programming languages to speed up the development process. Additionally, ChatGPT can offer suggestions for coding best practices and design patterns, leading to more efficient and maintainable code. Some ChatGPT plugins for code generation act as a personal AI assistant, creating executable code from simple command prompts and reducing the load on software developers.

Data preprocessing assistance

For data-driven applications that require developers to clean, transfer, and process particular datasets, preprocessing data can be a time-consuming task. ChatGPT assists in writing scripts for data cleaning, transformation, and normalization. It can suggest algorithms and techniques based on the data characteristics, helping developers prepare their datasets more efficiently for machine learning models or other data-driven applications.

The top 7 ChatGPT plugins for developers

Let’s take a look at a few select ChatGPT plugins that have redefined productivity for developers. These ChatGPT plugins for developers offer unparalleled support and enhancement in various aspects of the software development lifecycle.


The AskYourCode ChatGPT plugin acts much like a "rubber ducky" debugging session — it serves as an interactive consultant. Developers can directly engage in a dialog with their code, asking questions to debug or understand complex code segments.

Upon indexing a software program from its URL, AskYourCode can summarize the entire project or specific parts. It’s particularly useful when diving into a new codebase or trying to understand the overall architecture and functionality of different code segments, like classes, functions, or entire directories.

The plugin includes a robust search feature and natural language processing, enabling developers to pinpoint specific code constructs or search using free text. This can drastically reduce time spent sifting through code to find relevant sections, enhancing productivity.

Code runner

The Code Runner ChatGPT plugin supports over 70 programming languages, including popular ones like Python, Java, C++, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, and others. This wide range of language support makes it particularly relevant for developers working in multiple programming environments or those learning new languages.

Code Runner provides syntax highlighting and auto-completion features to improve the coding experience. Developers can run and save code locally with a single click, making it convenient for developers to quickly test, debug, execute, and revise their code without leaving the ChatGPT environment.

The Code Runner plugin allows software developers to customize themes and output types and personalize their coding environment according to their preferences. This plugin uses the JDoodle Compiler API to ensure fast and reliable code execution. All these little things add up to enhance the overall user experience, reduce the waiting time typically associated with code compilation and execution., and make it easier to write better code.


The Zapier ChatGPT plugin offers a comprehensive solution for automating various tasks directly within ChatGPT, enhancing productivity and simplifying the day-to-day for developers. The plugin can draft and send emails using ChatGPT's natural language processing capabilities. It supports various email platforms like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook and extends to email marketing tasks, like sending drip campaigns or creating email surveys.

Zapier ChatGPT plugin for developers can also enrich and update information in spreadsheets and databases in platforms like Google Sheets, Notion, and Airtable. It can add rows, create new worksheets, update database records, and effectively manage data with almost negligible manual input. The plugin can draft and send messages in team chat applications like Slack and Microsoft Teams, supporting ancillary functions like drafting and sending messages, setting reminders, renaming channels, creating calendar events, and sending private messages.

The Zapier plugin can add leads to a database in Notion (Source: Zapier)

The Zapier ChatGPT plugin also helps manage documents and content management systems from text or templates and append text to existing documents.

The Link Reader ChatGPT plugin is a highly functional tool designed to assist users, mainly software developers, and researchers, in accessing and understanding digital content from a wide range of sources. The plugin excels in interpreting and synthesizing information from various digital resources, including web pages, PDF documents, PowerPoint presentations, images, and Word files.

Using Link Reader to differentiate between two links

Link Reader navigates to the source material provided via a link, processes the information, and presents it in a language developers can easily understand. The plugin's primary function is to summarize online content within the ChatGPT interface — developers can request summaries of articles, documents, and other digital content by providing the relevant link. Developers can use the plugin to learn new technologies or solve coding problems based on online sources.

Wolfram alpha

The Wolfram Alpha ChatGPT plugin significantly enhances ChatGPT's capabilities with "computational superpowers." With this integration, ChatGPT can perform nontrivial computations and deliver accurate, curated knowledge and data, which it couldn't do independently as a language model.

ChatGPT, on its own, generates responses based on patterns it learned from its training data. While it can produce textually coherent and contextually relevant content, it cannot perform precise computations or guarantee data accuracy. The integration with Wolfram Alpha empowers ChatGPT to perform exact computations and access systematically accurate data.

With the Wolfram plugin, ChatGPT can handle more complex queries that require computational power or access to up-to-date, curated data. This is particularly useful for scientific, mathematical, engineering, or financial queries where precision and accuracy are paramount. The plugin enables ChatGPT to provide custom-created visualizations, making understanding complex data or concepts easier. It can perform unique computations that might never have been done before, creating original content.

ChatGPT, coupled with the Wolfram Language, can start from a rough description and generate a polished, finished output. This feature is especially beneficial for developers in generating code. The Wolfram Language, being a full-scale computational language, offers a computational representation for a wide range of concepts, thus enhancing the ability of ChatGPT to interpret and generate more complex and structured responses.

Data visualization in the Wolfram language (Source: Wolfram)

The Wolfram plugin for ChatGPT allows software developers to input instructions or queries in natural language, and the plugin translates these into computationally precise actions or responses.


The ChatWithGit ChatGPT plugin streamlines searching and understanding code within GitHub repositories. It allows users to conduct targeted searches for specific code snippets within GitHub repositories when a developer needs to find examples of certain functionality or understand how a particular function is implemented in different projects.

The plugin requires users to formulate clear, precise queries, ensuring the search results are as relevant as possible. For example, a user looking for JavaScript examples of the "addClass" function in the jQuery repository can construct a query like language: “js+repo: jquery/jquery addClass function example.” It provides quick access to a vast array of code examples and implementations, allowing developers to save considerable time. Instead of manually browsing multiple repositories or web pages, they can directly fetch relevant code chunks matching their query.

The ChatWithGit plugin for ChatGPT is an excellent reference tool, especially for inexperienced developers. It helps them see real-world examples of how certain programming constructs or functions are used in various projects. Developers can leverage this to better understand best practices, different coding styles, the usage of various libraries or frameworks, and large codebases or unfamiliar libraries. As a ChatGPT plugin, ChatWithGit integrates smoothly into a developer's existing workflow within the ChatGPT environment, making it convenient to use alongside other development tasks without disrupting the workflow.

Code interpreter

The Code Interpreter plugin for developers enables ChatGPT to not only write but also execute code in a Python environment. Similar to Wolfram Alpha, this is a significant improvement from ChatGPT's basic text-generation capabilities, as it can now perform actual computations and code execution. ChatGPT can carry out complex calculations and generate charts based on user-uploaded data with this plugin, making it eligible for data analysis tasks where precise calculations and visualizations are required.

This plugin reduces common inaccuracies with Large Language Models (LLMs) to provide more precise and accurate responses. It also lets users download files created by the executed code and greatly expands ChatGPT's problem-solving abilities for tasks requiring logic and computation. This includes solving mathematical problems, converting files between formats, and other logic-based tasks.

The plugin has been immensely useful in various sectors like finance (analyzing stock prices, budget planning), research (creating data visualizations), and more. Its capability to handle complex datasets, clean them, and extract insights makes it an equally valuable tool for developers, data scientists, and researchers alike. The Code Interpreter plugin interacts with the developers in real time, asking clarifying questions and executing code as per user requests. Like all other plugins for ChatGPT, the Code Interpreter feature is currently exclusive to ChatGPT Plus subscribers and is accessible from the ChatGPT plugins store.


The integration of ChatGPT plugins into the development workflow signifies a transformative shift in how developers approach coding, debugging, and data analysis. These plugins not only enhance efficiency but also open up new avenues for creative problem-solving and innovation in software development. For developers looking to get more done with less, ChatGPT plugins are definitely making the process more streamlined, interactive, and intelligent. With the ChatGPT model undergoing continuous improvements, it’s only natural to expect these plugins to deliver more exciting and intuitive experiences for developers.

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