DevDynamics bags 6 recognitions on G2 across categories in 2024

DevDynamics bags 6 recognitions on G2 across categories in 2024

At DevDynamics, our mission is to make software development management simple, effective and clear. This focus has made us leaders in engineering management. We're excited to announce that DevDynamics has received several recognitions in the G2 Summer 2024 report, showing our commitment and the trust our users have in us.

Our G2 achievements

This summer, DevDynamics earned recognitions:

  • High Performer in Asia Pacific, Asia, and India for Software Development Analytics Tools
  • High Performer in the Mid-Market category
  • High Performer globally in Software Development Analytics Tools
  • Users Love Us badge, for the amazing reviews we got.

They confirm our progress and strengthen our reputation as one of the top tools chosen by engg teams worldwide.

How DevDynamics evolves with its users

Our growth is driven by ongoing user feedback and a focus on innovation. Here’s how we’ve enhanced our platform over the past year:

  • January: Introduction of the Ticket Dashboard and new metrics to improve workflow management.
  • February: Launch of the Git Dashboard, providing deeper insights into development practices.
  • March: Rollout of the DORA Dashboard, enhancing our users' ability to gauge their DevOps capabilities.
  • April: Debut of AI-Enabled Weekly Reports, offering succinct assessments and strategic recommendations.
  • May: Enhanced Developer Metrics, giving teams precise data on coding activities.
  • June: Enhanced Initiatives for tracking alignment with business objectives.
  • July: Released Multi-workspace integration for Git.

Each new feature is influenced by our users' needs and challenges, making sure that DevDynamics not only meets but exceeds their expectations.

Features that set us apart

Two features particularly highlight our innovative edge:

  • AI-Enabled Weekly Reports: These reports transform complex data into clear, actionable insights, allowing stakeholders to make informed decisions swiftly.
  • Initiatives: This feature enables organizations to track and manage large-scale business goals seamlessly, ensuring that every engineering effort is aligned with broader company objectives.
  • Smart alerts & automations: Get context sensitive alerts to prompt timely actions like PR reviews and ticket updates

What’s next for DevDynamics?

The recognition from G2 strengthens our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. As we keep enhancing our platform, we invite engineering teams to join us. This collaboration shapes our roadmap and keeps us leading in engineering management.


DevDynamics is dedicated to transforming how tech teams manage and understand their software development life cycles. We are deeply grateful to our users for their valuable insights and feedback. Thank you for trusting us to help you achieve more structured and efficient project management.

Join us and see why DevDynamics is the choice of high-performing teams around the world. Click here discover the difference firsthand.

Himanshu Saxena
Lead-Product Marketing, DevDynamics