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Engineering Operations

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Engineering Operations

The all-in-one engineering management platform with metrics, AI insights,
developer surveys and automations.

Get visibility into engg operations with metrics and insights

Improve engineering allocation to business objectives

Reduce busywork and boost KPIs with automations

Trusted by continuously improving engineering teams

DevDynamics is the engineering analytics
for data-driven teams.

Track Metrics

  • Detect and Deter Delays: Pinpoint inefficiencies in real-time to preempt costly delays and keep your release schedule on track.

  • SDLC Oversight: Command a panoramic view of your software development lifecycle, spotting areas for improvement at a glance.

  • DORA & SPACE Benchmarking: Measure your team’s output against established standards to ensure you’re leading, not lagging.

Act on insights

  • Persona Dashboards: Get customized dashboards for specific roles- CTOs, VPs product & more tailored to your specific information needs.
  • Gen-AI powered reports: Get weekly AI-generated reports and analysis, helping you see trends and make quick changes.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Turn metrics into strategy with our key insights- know where to focus efforts to optimize your team's output.

Workflow automation

  • Actionable Alerts: Keep developers focused with smart reminders and automations for pending tasks, ranging from PR merges to critical reviews.

  • Shorter cycle times: Speed up the development process to reduce time to market.
  • Enhanced team collaboration: Simplify task management to boost team collaboration and efficiency.


Faster cycle times


More deployments


Reduction in PR cycle time

Drive quality, velocity and team health


Your tools, your rules, our seamless integration.

We blend with your workflow smoothly, without needing any changes in your process or how you work.

Security you can trust

We don’t access your code. SOC 2 Type II compliant.

What our customer say

"I currently manage about 6 to 7 products... it is very difficult for me to be part of every single thing... DevDynamics forms as a great way to get insights into who are my best guys, what is happening, what are the things that are not going well?"

Alias V.,

Head of Engineering @Payu

If you are an engineering leader who cares about your dev team, DevDynamics is a no-brainer. The reporting has helped the non-technical stakeholders appreciate what goes into building amazing tech!

Varun Bhanot,

CTO @Grip

I find the emails from DevDynamics particularly useful as I get an overview of my updates as well as blockers in the engineering team. The info on how we are doing on engineering best practices has helped me have meaningful conversations with the team.

Manas P,

Head of Engineering @Loopr

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