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DevDynamics vs Jellyfish

Jellyfish has a great looking website, but if you're looking for a platform that adapts to your team's unique needs with custom metrics and hands-on support, DevDynamics is the better fit

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Why Engineering Leaders Choose DevDynamics
Over Jellyfish

We Empower Engineering Leaders, not Overwhelm

Jellyfish offers several engineering metrics, which can sometimes lead to information overload. DevDynamics is built to tell you where you should focus your attention, without overwhelming you with metrics & dashboards.

Timeline of Issues and Contribution

DevDynamics allows engineering leaders to trace the lifecycle of work items with a historical view of issues, track changes over time, and analyze the lifecycle of work items. This is like having a time machine for your codebase, offering insights into issue resolution.

Metrics Tailored for Personalized Analysis

Success looks different for every team, and we recognize. We don't just offer standard metrics; we provide custom metrics designed to cater specifically to your team's needs and goals.

Actionable Insights, Not Just Data

We don't just show you the numbers; we help you understand what they mean and how you can use them to drive better engineering outcomes.

Engineering Success Program

We work closely with you to implement a metrics program - select the right metrics to focus on, set achievable expectations, and measure what truly matters for your organization. Think of us as your dedicated Engineering Success partners.

Why choose DevDynamics over Jellyfish

DORA Metrics
Investment Distribution
Team Dashboard
Contributor Issues Timeline
Sprint Dashboard

What our customer say

"I currently manage about 6 to 7 products... it is very difficult for me to be part of every single thing... DevDynamics forms as a great way to get insights into who are my best guys, what is happening, what are the things that are not going well?"

Alias V.,

Head of Engineering @Payu

If you are an engineering leader who cares about your dev team, DevDynamics is a no-brainer. The reporting has helped the non-technical stakeholders appreciate what goes into building amazing tech!

Varun Bhanot,

CTO @Grip

I find the emails from DevDynamics particularly useful as I get an overview of my updates as well as blockers in the engineering team. The info on how we are doing on engineering best practices has helped me have meaningful conversations with the team.

Manas P,

Head of Engineering @Loopr

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