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Straight Talk and Smart Strategies for Today's Software Leaders

Episode 4

Engineering Management, Culture, and the Future of Tech Leadership beyond the ZIRP era: Shreyas Balakrishna

Shreyas shares his insights on engineering management challenges and strategies for high-performance and culture in tech.

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Episode 3

Engineering the Future: Leadership and Innovation in the AI Era with Manas

Gain practical insights on software leadership in the age of AI advancement. Essential for engineering leaders aiming to align technical prowess with business objectives.

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Episode 2

A Software Leader's Guide to Fintech: Navigating Technology and Team Dynamics

Get practical insights on leading in fintech, how to merge tech expertise with business goals and manage teams that innovate and excel. It's a must-read for anyone aiming to be a Tech leader in Fintech.

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Episode 1

Engineering Leadership : Transition from Silicon Valley to India's Tech

Explore leadership insights with Sarvesh Devi. Learn about teamwork across the US and India, managing AI projects, and fostering innovation. Dive in to enhance your leadership skills!

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