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Episode 1

Engineering Leadership Across Borders : Transition from Silicon Valley to India's Tech

Explore how to lead AI projects in manufacturing with Sarvesh Devi. Find out how to encourage innovation and work with teams around the world. Get insights to improve your leadership abilities.


Sarvesh Devi
V.P. of A.I., Accurate Industrial Controls Pvt. Ltd

AI Product Builder with 17+ years of experience in Computer Vision AI, Deep Learning, Autonomous Systems, and Manufacturing AI.

As engineering leaders, we're always dealing with changes in tech and how we manage teams. Moving from leading teams in the US to running a startup in India has been a real eye-opener, teaching me a lot about the differences in work culture and how to be a good leader in both places. The key things I've learned include being flexible, smart about hiring, and using AI and tech to create top-notch teams.

How does leading engineering teams differ between the US and India?
The big thing is getting used to how each country does things. In the US, it's all about what each person brings to the table and coming up with new ideas. In India, it's more about working together in a set structure. Figuring out how to work with these differences is crucial for putting together a great team.

What's your strategy for hiring engineers in these diverse environments?
When it comes to hiring engineers, it's not just about how much they know technically. I look for people who are great problem solvers and can adapt quickly. This makes sure the team can keep up with the fast changes in tech.

Can you elaborate on the engineering leader's role in business alignment?

Engineering leaders are crucial in aligning the team's efforts with the company's broader business goals. It's all about knowing your stuff technically but also seeing the bigger picture. You need to understand how your team's work fits into the company's goals.

How do AI advancements impact your team management approach?
AI opens up new doors but also brings challenges. As a leader, you need to manage expectations and keep up with AI trends to make sure your team stays innovative without getting overwhelmed.

To keep the team doing well and feeling good, it's important to watch out for burnout and build a culture that supports both professional success and personal well-being. This balance is key for long-term success.

Why is staying updated with AI and tech developments crucial for leaders?
The tech field's rapid evolution necessitates continuous learning and adaptation. Keeping updated with the latest AI tools and technologies is vital for guiding the team effectively and fostering innovation.

How do you ensure effective collaboration across different departments?
Good collaboration is essential for getting projects done right. Making sure everyone communicates clearly and is on the same page is crucial for meeting project goals and the company's needs.

What advice do you have for engineering leaders in today's evolving tech scene?
Focus on growth, innovation, and building teams that are flexible and skilled. Staying open to learning and up-to-date with tech is crucial for overcoming the industry's challenges.

In short, being an engineering leader today means constantly learning, thinking strategically, and being ready to change.
It's about forming teams that are not just skilled in tech but also ready to innovate and meet the organization's broader goals. Our main goals should be driving growth, pushing for innovation, and developing teams ready for the future's challenges.

- Sarvesh

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