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Engineering metrics that drive growth


Understand how long it takes your team to code, review and complete PRs


Know how long it takes your team to recover from failure in production


Measure your team’s speed and agility by keeping track of deployment frequency


Keep track of number of deployments that result in failure


Measure how long it takes from coding to production


Measure how much work your team ships with number of PR opens and merges


Identify review bottlenecks and ship your work to production faster


Stay on top of the number of bugs your team works on and the time spent on it

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With DevDynamics, we're able to identify blindspots and areas of improvement within our team. The feedback module has been really insightful for all team members and leaders. I also like how seamless their Slack integration feature is.
Associate Director of Engineering, BigBasket
I find the emails from DevDynamics particularly useful as I get an overview of my updates as well as blockers in the engineering team. The info on how we are doing on engineering best practices has helped me have meaningful conversations with the team.
Manas Patil
Head of Engineering, Loopr.ai
If you are an engineering leader who cares about your dev team, DevDynamics is a no-brainer. The reporting has helped the non-technical stakeholders appreciate what goes into building amazing tech!
Varun Bhanot
CTO, Grip

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